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Lexair High Pressure Hydraulic Stationary Collet Chucks
5C, 16C, 3J, 22J

Lexair high pressure hydraulic collet closers feature all steel construction and operating pressures to 5000 PSI. The units accept "5C", "16C", "3J", "22J" or "35J" style collets. All models feature double acting operation and fixed-length design to keep the collet and parts being held stable to maintain a fixed height from part to part. Standard features include reamed orientation holes in the base for mounting and the ability to be used in multiple configurations with connector bushings that eliminate external plumbing between units. Holding forces generated by the drawtube are 1.9 times the line pressure applied so extremely high clamping forces can be generated. All models are supplied with a matching collet wrench.

Lexair can supply precision machined standard collets, master collets and pads, emergency collets, serrated collets plus uniquely shaped collets by special order.

Model Number Collet Type Maximum Hydraulic Pressure Drawtube Force (pounds) Port Size
65301 5C 5000 PSI 1.9 x Line Pressure SAE 4
65302 16C 5000 PSI 1.9 x Line Pressure SAE 4
65303 3J 5000 PSI 1.9 x Line Pressure SAE 4
65304 35J 5000 PSI 1.9 x Line Pressure SAE 6
65305 22J 5000 PSI 1.9 X Line Pressure SAE 6

Model Number Collet Type A B C D E
65301 5C 3.25 3.50 2.875 5/16 SHCS 3.000
65302 16C 4.31 4.00 3.250 3/8 SHCS 3.000
65303 3J 3.75 4.00 3.250 3/8 SHCS 3.000
65304 35J 5.06 7.00 5.750 1/2 SHCS 6.000
65305 22J 4.06 5.50 4.500 1/2 SHCS 4.500

All units of measure are inches.


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